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The House of Good News – a bridge linking similar projects in the world

BELGRADE/PARIS – The Internet newspaper Serbian House of Good News,

celebrating on this day its first anniversary, has endeavoured, and in my view

succeeded, to broaden in this short period its mission of publishing good news by

establishing co-operation in many fields, including co-operation with the French

Blog of Good News, which like the House of Good News, publishes only good and

positive news.

Shortly after the establishment of contacts with the French blog, it featured

content devoted to the House of Good News which can be accessed at this

Internet address.

Among other things the text contained the following:

A Source of Good News in Belgrade

It is important for us to point to another blog with the same objective whose

authors are … in Serbia.

A very wonderful initiative which should be followed and supported.

Jacqueline de Romilly, one of the main authors of the blog, would say that it

could be seen in this that a ‘infection of the good’ has taken place.

The Serbian blog can be accessed at this Internet address.

Good news – Good for the Health

“In the bleak content of the beginning of the year, it is high time to set light to

the stars again,” says Guillaume Apollinaire in a text featured at the start of the

French blog des-bonnes-nouvelles.

Well aware of the need for this, a member of the Academie Francaise (the late de

Romilly), the president of a company and a physician decided to create a good

news blog.

We want to show that the present is also described by stories full of nobility,

solidarity and enthusiasm, the authors say.

They said that the human being accepts better the negative than the positive,

but that in a time of crisis it was better to be aware of the pleasures of life.

Academicians, journalists, pensioners, designers, criminologists, renowned

French intellectuals are part of the team taking part in making the blog.

Awareness of the need to publish positive, good and useful information is present

throughout the world, including France, where there are other sites and blogs
1. страница

spreading positive energy and optimism by publishing good news, with whom the

Serbian House of Good News will try to establish links in its column ‘Bridges’.

Some examples of the preceding are bonnesnouvellesdujour.fr, newzitiv.com and


Bad News Can Conceal Good Ones

Bonnesnouvellesdujour, for example, has the following motto: Bad News Can

Conceal Good Ones.

The front page reads “This blog publishes good news … Why? Because through

the constant multiplication of information media – from the Internet to

information channels, we are flooded with bad news all day.

The result of all the bad news is that a reader or listener can become depressed,

thinking that only bad things are happening...

As if by a rule, the media do not speak about good things that are happening.

Our plan is to place in this ‘Internet Ocean’ good news that will rise to the

surface, although they may appear funny, or incorrect, the blog says.

To the question How? they say their idea is to perform a scan of the press

regularly after which good news will be sought at various Internet sites and links

to them proposed, the blog’s authors say.

Good News Does Good

Asked what is good news, they says that ‘Good news does good’ … One could say

that a piece of news is good if its opposite could be bad news …

However, good news is relative and can be different in nature, the authors say.

There are absolutely good news with which only a man with mental problems

would not agree, such as “33 Miners Freed, Mine Now Empty”, or “New Methods

Freeing of the Need to Wear Glasses”.

There are also globally good news (news about something that is for the general

good), although some may believe that it is bad for them personally, or others,

like that about the success of a new model of aeroplane.

Finally, there are news that are good in themselves, for example news that the

train will arrive in time, or the news about the delight of the director of a school

which was renovated ahead of the first day of school, but there is little such

content on the Internet.

Zone of Good Information

The site newzitiv.com is headed ZONE OF GOOD INFORMATION.

There is also a quote of the day, like one by the American writer Napoleon Hill:

“Every human being is a golden link in the chain of welfare for all people”.

”Good News brought from a Distant Land are Like Fresh Water for a Thirsty

and Tired Person” says the journal-des-bonnes-nouvelles.com portal, another

spreader of good news.

All these sites and blogs have several columns, including: economy, politics,

sport, and subcolumns dealing with daily news, monthly overviews. Common to

all of them is that they are full of positive news and stories from every-day life

stimulating positive thinking.

Like the site Serbian House of Good News, all of them have a need to spread and

network, to ensure that positive news have the longest possible reach.

The conclusion is that uniting forces makes everything easier, which is why we

say ‘Joining Forces Makes us Stronger’, so that one day all these small islands

can become a large landmass of hope for everyone.

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