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Miloš Stanković-Inventors Should be a Link Between Science and the Economy

Miloš Stanković-Inventors Should be a Link Between Science and the Economy

BELGRADE – “Scientists and inventors are a link between economic entities and innovative products because only we, individual inventors or groups of inventors, can create a product which is technically better and commercially more profitable,” Miloš Stanković, our successful young scientist, already known world-wide for his inventions, told the House of Good News. Miloš has been selected as a promoter of the 12th International Fair of Entrepreneurship “Business Base”, which was opened today at the Belgrade Fairgrounds and which together with the Fair of Local Self-Government bears the symbolic title "Link Up" and will last until 29th November.



“One of the reasons I was chosen as a promoter of the fair is that we scientists and inventors should be a link between the economy, enterprises and innovative products and projects, because the only way we can overcome this crisis is through innovative products – something new – as well as technical development“, Stanković explained.

Miloš is Presenting Two Inventions in the Environmental Field

I shall be presenting two environmental projects at this fair. The first is for destroying common ragweed without the use of pesticides and chemicals, where electricity is used to efficiently destroy the weed from the root, reducing the problem of a high incidence of allergies to ragweed. The product has been under test in Belgrade for four years. This year it was also tested in Slovenia in co-operation with a Swedish institute and faculty. 

The second product is in the field of the automobile industry – a particulate filter which binds the soot particles which are one of the main causes of lung cancer in humans.

”That’s enough about me. I don’t want to talk too much. All I can say is that I have been involved in research activities and innovations for 12 years, and have achieved some success, both on the domestic and international planes“, Miloš Stanković told reporters, speaking about his promotion role at the Business Base fair, at which local inventors are playing an important role.

An Impressive Biography of a Young Inventor - Genius

This modest young man, born in Belgrade in 1984 and described by many as the new Nikola Tesla, has already won domestic and international awards for more than 30 inventions.

Miloš lives in Zemun, where he completed the School of Electrical Engineering, and then graduated from the College of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, department of computer science. He continued his studies in Novi Sad, at the Mihajlo Pupin Faculty of Technology, department of manufacturing management, where he graduated (subject: innovative entrepreneurship). Thereafter he completed master studies at the Faculty for Applied Ecology in Belgrade, department of environmental protection (subject of paper: air pollution and the automobile industry).

He is involved in scientific research – innovations. Among the numerous awards received by the 29-year-old for his work is a gold medal and charter TESLA - PUPIN awarded by the Association of Inventors of Yugoslavia for exceptional results in stimulating, developing and affirmation of inventing, application of innovations, and a special contribution to the development and promotion of the organisation of the Association. At that time he was also proclained Inventor of the Year 2002. In 2006 he was made a Meritorious Citizen of Zemun and received a Charter for Civil Merit with a Medal.

The International Centre for Innovations awarded him a gold medal for creativity for a high contribution within the development of international science and technology. Based on his overall scientific and innovation work, efforts, work, awards and achievements, in 2012 the Russian International Academy of Sciences received him as a full member and awarded him its most prestigious award – the Honorary Title ‘Knight of Science’. He also received a Charter and the Medal of ‘Knight of Science’, while a general in the Russian Army awarded him a Medal of Honour, Courage and Boldness.

The Government of the Republic of Serbia awarded him with the first new passport of the Republic of Serbia within a project named the New Serbian Passport, the new Face of Serbia.

He is a member of the Moscow-based international innovation centre Archimedes, the Alliance of Innovators of the Republika Srpska, the association Milutin Milanković, the Serbian Royal Academy of Scientists and Artists (SKANU) and the Association of Inventors of Serbia.

World Geniuses Congress – Tokyo 2012

Miloš also participated in the 26th annual World Congress of Geniuses held in Tokyo in October last year. The event brought together about 160 geniuses from many countries (usually there are about 30 participants, but in 2012 there were 160), numerous engineers, scientists, inventors, academicians, doctors of science, professors from prestigious world universities and institutes.

Stanković was the only participant awarded the Prize for a World Genius. Besides this he was also awarded a Special Prize with a Gold Medal given by the delegation of Taiwan for all his inventions and scientific works. He presented at the venue his inventions and scientific works in the fields of environmental science and energy production and distribution.

Over the past years he has received numerous positive expert opinions, analyses and calculations connected with his research from foreign and domestic scientists, professors, academicians, engineers, researchers etc. It is becoming very obvious that Stanković’s inventions can form a basis for the manufacture of a great number of practical products, thereby creating a set of new export-oriented products which can improve the overall economic situation and thereby improve the general social situation in Serbia.

Tell Us why Inventors Should be a Link Between Science and the Economy?

Science cannot go without the economy. It’s a first link in every segment, but on this occasion I will speak about my segment, because I am not competent to speak about others. Innovation in the manner of managing a company and marketing is very important to market products. Concretely, scientists and inventors are a link. They are a link between economic companies and innovative products because onoy we, individual inventors or groups of inventors can create a product which is technically better and at the same time more commercially profitable.

Tell Us a Little More about the Two Products You will Present

The electrical ragweed destroyer, as we will call it, uses a particular frequency and electricity to destroy the weed from its roots, and it it does not grow any longer during the season. The device is ecologically sound, cheap, commercial and safe. It has been tested in Belgrade and in Slovenia and Sweden. Co-operation with Serbian institutions and universities on the realisation of the project is in progress, and we expect it to continue for several more years.

Are there Companies Interested in the Product and What is its Significance?

Yes, they are companies from the European Union and America, and negotiations are under way. The significance of the project is that ragweed, an important allegen, is a major problem world-wide. According to my information, Hungary spends no less than 110 million euros a year for anti-allergens within a period of two or three months, while Austria spends 88 million per season. This year the European Union set aside 160 million euros to find a solution for the eradication of ragweed, but without success.

These are huge sums of money, and people have major health problems because of the plant, me included, so that I decided to solve the problem in an ecological manner – by my device, which now needs to be technologically completed, and I have hopes for its commmercialisation and mass use, for which a number of companies are interested world-wide, but I cannot talk about details of negotiations, because that would be divulging business secrets.

What about the Automobile Industry Filter?

I have worked on a number of different filters, and will present one of them for the first time in Serbia. It has already been presented in the Silicon Valley in the USA, and this September also in the World Technology Center in Los Angeles. The filter removes microscopic soot particles electrostatically. Soot is a serious polluter and causes lung cancer.

I have preliminary statistics from Sweden, because I am co-operating with the Swedes, and according to my data some 2,000 people die every year from the effects of soot pollution.

Particulate filters already exist, but I did mine using a different technology costing just one-fifteenth of the existing technology. The technical characteristics are the same, only my filter lasts longer. I am also negotiating with companies in America and the EU for the filter.

What is the Route Towards Commercialisation of Products, and are You Working on Something New?

It is no problem to find an investor, but the problem is how to reach the market, because that requires a lobby.  One of my new peojects is a device for better utilisation of fuels, and I am also working on other inventions, so far about thirty in all, which I presented here and abroad. I am involved not in fundamental science but in applied science from which all of us – our entire society – would benefit.

Why were You Elected a Promoter of the Business Base fair?

They said, I cannot say for myself, that I am a successful young scientist and inventor and that it would be an honour for them if I were the promoter. I accepted the job not only for myself, but for the country and the people I could attract to come and to influence the economy to link up with scientists.  

When did You Begin Working with Science?

I have been involved in science from the age of three – I dismantled and put together toys, I made new ones, so that science was a hobby until the third year of secondary school, when I began active involvement in innovations, scientific and innovative work and to exhibit at international and local fairs. It has been 12 years since I embarked on my serious journey of science and creativity, Stanković told the House of Good News.

Stanković: Education, Sport, Religion and Love – an Entirety Without Which One Cannot Progress

I am involved in recreational sports, because there always needs to be a balance in life, and I think that for me, besides education, which is made up of theory and practice, something without which one cannot prosper. Education, sport, religion and love are the four things which for me form an entirety.

As far as I know, no one in my family has ever done what I am doing, only my mother was creative for varous things, so far for genetics. I simply love doing it and all the projects I have done were not done for my own personal benefit but for the welfare of the entire society and people, so that everyone can benefit from it. Even as I am conducting negotiations on the application of some of my inventions, I am trying to ensure that the two products I shall present at the Fair are of benefit for people, that they affect people’s health poositively, because health is more important than anything else.

I am looking to help people in that way, and another way would be, God help us to launch production of some of these projects, which I would organise in Serbia, to emply people, especially young people, but also professionals. Why would I emply young people first, although we know it is middle-aged people in Serbia who are suffering the most from unemployment? Miloš asks himself, answering: "There are no jobs for us young people, it’s a great difficulty. The ‘white plague’ (low birth rate) has affected Serbia for a long time, and we the young people, how can we form families and raise children when we don’t even have funds to survive for ourselves, let alone my child some day. I would help young people get employment and get funding for themselves and their families".

There, that’s the whole truth. Of course, it is my wish that we export those products.

Which Professions Would You Desire When Employing Young People, if You Manage to Realise the Jobs on which You are Negotiating?

It all depends on the particular project, but we shall need mechanical and electrical engineers, workers, machine operators, drivers, programmers, designers, chemists, biologists, people from the agricultural faculty, from the automobile industry. A wide spectrum of potential staff we would employ, depending on the project for which we would get the necessary funds for realisation.

I will ensure to employ the best experts, with whom I am already co-operating, to bring them all together into a whole. Let us be real Serbs and stick together,  not how we are represented in the world, part of which is true, but you know that in Serbia, unfortunately, success is not forgiven.

If the Lord God did not direct me towards the people with whom I should co-operate, I would never have been successful.

How Do Ideas Come to You?

How good it is, in a sense it is also damnation, but in a positive sense. I’ll explain why. I cannot sleep, I come up with something as I am dreaming, an image is created how I can resolve a project which, for example, scientific institutions have been unable to resolve for years. I get out of bed and write a formula, after that we make it from drawings, and it works. That is how it works in my case.

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