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Love Inside Us

  • Written by 
Love Inside Us

NIŠ – Love is the light shining on every part of life. A prism through which the world is viewed. An elated feeling which gives everything meaning and value. Although as a baby I was ‘marked’, because I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, I have filled my life with happiness and love.


I learnt that life does not have to be gray in spite of the fact that I was not very lucky from the very beginning. Thanks to Mrs. Agneza Trpkovski, who wanted to do an interview with me about my views on life, I was motivated to write the article you have before you, which represents my view on the world and my desire to show the reader how I found myself in love. I hope that my story will help many people find their internal path to love, peace and happiness.

I profoundly believe that it depends on ourselves whether we will be happy of unhappy.

Maybe we do not make a conscious choice, but certainly to a large extent we contribute to our happiness or sorrow.

In the following text I shall try to explain how and when that often unconscious choice takes place, how to avoid a vicious circle of bad events in your life, and how to fill yourself with love, happiness and peace.

The Nature of Energy

I believe that every one of our feelings and thoughts has its energy – it is broadcast and spread around us. Nature (the universe) functions very simply – it brings together and groups similar things – it groups similar energy.

That is the crucial thing, the thing which keeps a large number of people at the bottom, in problems and suffering. People who are unhappy have unhappy and negative thoughts – and as such, they attract even more negative energy. It is a vicious circle from which they do not know how to find an exit.

I firmly believe in the preceding, based on my own experience. I feel that happiness attracts even more happiness, that love attracts more love, that sorrow attracts more sorrow.

Things function in this manner in the basis of nature, just as the one who loves is mutually attracted to the one who also loves, and not to one who hates or is angry.

If we proceed from that assumption, that the universe (nature) groups similar energy – then it is completely clear that the universe, practically, always ‘listens’ and offers us what we ‘demand’ – provided we know how to request (with genuine feelings).

The problem, of course, is that we do not know how to seek. In order to seek positive things – we must first of all become positive with our entire being. The universe simply groups similar energy – there’s no great philosophy there – it isn’t magic – the thing is very natural. The universe, simply put, creates around us what we have inside us – simply continues the string of the same energy.

If a candle lights in the dark – around it there will, naturally, be light. If we ‘light’ from inside – that ‘light’ will also be reflected on the world around us (like the light of the candle) – and the ‘light’ will become reality outside us – the life around us sill receive our ‘light’ and we shall live in happiness and joy.

If on the other hand we are filled with sorrow, dissatisfaction, anger... we shall have the same feelings around us – in real life – we will be surrounded by unhappy events – we shall attract them.

We attract. It is very important to realise this.

We attract the good and the bad, depending on our ‘internal status’’. Of course, people who want to be positive – that is indubitable – all people want to be positive... But they do not succeed... they are obstructed by certain things. What hinders people I would divide into six groups of problems. 

I divided them and considered them so that each group contains advice how people can gradually resolve the said problems, one at a time.

The House of Good News will publish this text in several installments in the coming period – an essay, philosophy of life, self-perception and perception of this wonderful young man– Predrag Damnjanović. Reading Predrag’s words, I noticed that at least on me (Agneza Trpkovski) they literally acted in a healing manner. Whenever I felt some sort of sorrow inside, or another problem, I read these healing words of Predrag’s, and, believe me, they emanated their peace and light, and I immediately felt better. I am truly elated with the depth of these thoughts about life and Predrag’s perception, while bearing his cross firmly and courageously, shining love and happiness and a smile, which I felt in conversation with him. I wish him everything good in his life, just as I do for all the readers to whom, I believe, Predrag’s healing words will be a Godsend. When we see his example, we must realise how we are blessed simply because we are healthy, with everything in its right place, and for that very reason we have no right to surrender, to allow ourselves to be carried along, to idleness, dejection, depression and similar problems. As Predrag says in his interview with the House of Good News, “love and live your life according to the feeling which comes from your heart and remember, the goal is less important than the path to it - experience, because on that road we build ourselves up”.

The most important thing is that it you fall you experience it was a lesson in life after which you will get up and continue marching forward but with much more strength, with one more new experience. It is not important if you fall, because, as I always say – ‘who knows why it may be good?’, but it is only important to get up again and repeat that every time it happens. The staff of the House of Good News wishes you all the best and invites other readers to tell us their life stories, experiences, lessons and messages, their texts and thoughts, so we can help each other and offer hands and support to each other.

Source: House of Good News


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